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Barbara Boeing – Brasiliana EP
Barbara Boeing – Brasiliana EP
Barbara Boeing – Brasiliana EP

Barbara Boeing – Brasiliana EP

Toy Tonics / TOYT148
59,90 zł
A1: Brigada (feat. Phil Mill)
A2: Brasiliana
B1: Brigada (Esa Williams Remix)
B2: Baile Do Silencio
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Bárbara Boeing joined Toy Tonics. The Brazilian DJ selector and heavy addicted worldwide vinyl digger (that some of you might have seen at the last Dekmantel Selectors Festival). Bárbara has been playing with the Toy Tonics DJs for some time, so it was just a matter of when the EP would happen. Now it’s the moment.

Bárbara teamed up with Sam Ruffillo, the Italian producer, keyboarder, DJ (who just had a little scene hit with the Italianissimo release). Sam helped her to shape 3 tracks. Dance floor fillers that Bárbara basically did the way SHE needs them for her DJ sets. And the results are bangers. Inspired by people like DJ Raffa, Mr. Monday, Yello, MBG international Records, Penny Penny she and Sam created 3 instrumentals that reflect 3 different shades of Bárbara’s taste:

Baile Do Silêncio:

Inspired by the 90s funk from Brazil and its high energy inside the dance floors, Baile Do Silêncio was made to make people dance.


Dreamy Italo House chords over some Latin percussion creates the intimist atmosphere of this deep and mysterious track.


Hard to be categorized into one genre, this track serves a pinch of Balearic elements over a dancefloor-oriented House with some Kwaito and also Italo Disco references.

Bárbara Benghi Boeing – yes, that is her real name - comes from Curitiba, South of Brazil. She is a great example of a person with an ultimate passion for music, spending big periods of her life only searching for sounds, organizing parties, playing in hundreds of events and then slowly growing into an international famed DJ personality that stands for a high-quality music standard and a tasteful selection that only SHE can serve.

Bárbara is very disciplined in selecting and creating moods inside of her sets. As she puts it: “... there is a magical part in attracting people into the music that is more of a feeling or sometimes just a mix of tracks I like. In my mind, I usually know where I am going to for the next couple of tracks. My DJ sets become something very individual in the end. With Sam, I wanted to create tracks that can fit into certain special moments of my sets..“

In fact, her sets are very exiting soulful trips through different sound worlds. Always very colorful and percussive, sometimes deeper, often full of Latin positivity. She has a long history of DJing and searching for music since she started to play guitar with 13 years and later became part of a local DJ crew (with Phil Mill, who is part on one of the tracks of this EP) in Alter Disco, her local party in Curitiba. Slowly, she became known and started to play outside.

She adds: "When I had the opportunity to go to Europe, I used to send a million emails to people that maybe would like my music and one or two would answer me, then I could play at small gigs and radios. Then, slowly people started to invite me for bigger things. Over the last 2 years now, there is a lot of buzz around Bárbara. She was invited to play main time slots at festivals like Dekmantel (BR) and Dekmantel Selectors, Time Warp, Nuits Sonores, Lente Kabinet, Cocktail D'Amore, Flow Festival and many others .. and is part of the Toy Tonics Jam DJ crew officially now.

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Barbara Boeing – Brasiliana EP

59,90 zł