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Earth Trax – LP2

A1: Purge
A2: Inside Out
A3: After The Rain
B1: Flux
B2: Have You Ever
C1: Ambient Dance
C2: Trust Me
C3: The Complete Trance Induction
D1: After Hours
D2: Lights On
D3: Dark River
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LP2 continues his exploration of emotive, dreamy atmospheres, soaked with rich pads and otherworldly arpeggios, juxtaposing it with hectic drum machines, deep bass lines and unusual sampling - evoking industrial music. It’s a slightly warmer and in a way more soothing album than LP1, but at the same time more dance-oriented as well, at some point reminiscent of Earth Trax’s early deep house singles. It’s a fascinating insight in world building, extending the author’s ideas from previous records (either as Earth Trax or Bartosz Kruczyński downtempo releases) much further and treating them more as a starting point rather than reusing them. LP2 again features the gorgeous photography of Kasia Zacharko and design of Kaja Kukuła.




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