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Kettenkarussell – Easy Listening

Giegling glglp04
A1: Intro
A2: Drama
A3: Chord Of Banana
B1: Konstant Sleep
B2: Spirale
C1: Haller
C2: Drift
C3: Krusty Dreams
D1: The End
D2: Of Course
89,90 zł
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It seems fitting that the cover of Kettenkarussell's long-promised debut album - talked about since their impressive 2009 debut single I Believe You -features a picture of a rollercoaster. While "Easy Listening" doesn't replicate the white-knuckle thrills of riding a rollercoaster, its' picturesque blends of piano-laden ambience, hazy downtempo grooves, thick-set deep house and deeper, tech-tinged material is in turns undulating and - in the case of "Chords of Banana" and the Reichian brilliance of "Spirale" - strangely queasy. It all adds up to a quietly impressive debut album, rich with interesting ideas and curious instrumentation, that should enhance the duo's rising reputation.




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