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Matthias Reiling – Doppelgänger

Giegling glglp01.2
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A1: Small Window (Album Version)
A2: He's Real
A3: Apology Girl
A4: Interlude
B1: Half The Man
B2: Stimus Stimulus
B3: They Walk You Run
B4: Unshaped Fragment
B5: Grin And Bear It
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This LP is the follow-up to Matthias Reiling's debut album ''Das Gespenst von Altona'' from 2010. He has gone back to the proberaum, played around with his machines and comes with a friendly and personal techno album. Great tracks that work in the club, but mostly an album that gives something personal to the listener. Ranging from sweet intimate electronica to more advanced techno tracks on the trustworthy Giegling records. Check!




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