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North Phase / ADR – Breaks Away
North Phase / ADR – Breaks Away
North Phase / ADR – Breaks Away

North Phase / ADR – Breaks Away

Pilot / PILOT14
74,90 zł
A1: North Phase - Breaks Away
A2: North Phase - Sound Connection
B1: ADR - Ned Flanders Hot Chocolate
B2: ADR - Comet Relief
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North Phase and ADR share duties on this four track split EP, each dropping two tracks, although all four of them are firm dancefloor-filling candidates. North Face's 'Breaks Away' adds a few retro rave flourishes to a beat that's a distant cousin of Zinc's '138 Trek' and a bouncy, bumping bass holding the whole thing together. 'Sound Connection' has a hypnotic charm that nods to Fluke and early Underworld, although choppier and less linear in rhythmic approach. Aside from being probably the best named track we've come across in 2023 so far, ADR's 'Ned Flanders Hot Chocolate' is skippy enough to be 4x4 garage but with its scratched asides and cheeky, funky b-line has a unique personality, while 'Comet Relief' nods to the progressive house of the early 90s with an unexpected xylophone-like twist. It's all good, as they used to say.




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North Phase / ADR – Breaks...

74,90 zł