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Jotel California – Borrowed Time

Klasse Wrecks WRECKS044
A1: Nabelmilch (feat. Babyblade)
A2: Bulldoze
B1: Borrowed Time
B2: Slow The Sunset
66,90 zł
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Klasse Wrecks is happy to welcome new Berlin-based producer Jotel California to the family. The emerging young artist provides a strong and varied EP that introduces his deft production skills and understanding of balanced sonics. 'Borrowed Time' traces the lines of traditional electro but stirs the pot with new flavours and the result is something that is both unique and powerful. Late 90s Techno is referenced on the title track, a dark and haunting driver that emerges into euphoria later on in the journey. While the A1 features the cut up vocals of Babyblade and takes the listener on a pulsing trip that thrashes back and forth before restlessly settling down.




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