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Ksky – Underwater Tales

10010 Records 10010RECORDS001
A1: Underwater Tales
A2: Bad Philly
B1: Metromono
B2: Look Back
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The 10010 Records is born tonight.

The man behind the label is Ksky, a Dj and a synth lover from Saint-Petersburg.

His unfabled vinyl-only ‘Underwater Tales’ are gathered on this debut-release.

Main track ‘Underwater Tales’ is pulsing dreamy 130 bpm house with cold 808's rhythm-section and warm Prophet 6 analog synthesis. Just like Gulf Stream, this combination creates something imperfect and vivid.

‘Bad Philly’ is a great banger. There's something epic in this simple track. The portal straight to the morning dancefloor.

The story told in one breath.

‘Metromono’. Loopy house track with 909's and 303's atmosphere. Listen to it and dream while the pictures are rapidly changing behind the window. You’ll never dream alone.

‘Look Back’ is an outro for this release. Because every tale needs an ending.




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