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Christopher Ledger – Anticipation
Christopher Ledger – Anticipation
Christopher Ledger – Anticipation

Christopher Ledger – Anticipation

Adam's Bite / ADAM007
69,90 zł
A1: Interchange
A2: Swap Function
B1: Anticipation
B2: Without Warning
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For their seventh issue, Adams Bite have tapped italian DJ and producer, Christopher Ledger. His work has steadily risen to the top over the past five or six years, honing in on a reduced style favoured by intimate dancefloors throughout Europe. For his most recent output, Ledger draws upon more muscular, more urgent matter altogether. His encyclopedic knowledge of dance musics hidden corners reverberates strongly within these five tracks. Find echoes of the fledgling Roman rave scene in its heavy drumwork, whilst the trance-infused synths recall the hazy glory days of mid-nineties Elba. All touched up and bound together by a thoroughly modern approach to sound design and floor awareness. Ledger carries his italian heritage on his sleeve, and although many of the calling cards might appear obscured to the uninitiated, those familiar with his craft will find more to love with every rotation. Pass this gate and discover the depth at your own risk.




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Christopher Ledger –...

69,90 zł