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Bobby O'Donnell & Reeshy – 05
Bobby O'Donnell & Reeshy – 05
Bobby O'Donnell & Reeshy – 05

Bobby O'Donnell & Reeshy – 05-08

Pilot / PILOT09
69,90 zł
A1: 5
A2: 6
B1: 7
B2: 8
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After this pair of Leeds residents made waves last November with their first EP for Pilot, Bobby O'Donnell and Reeshy return to lay down four new tracks that definitely stray towards the electro end of the breaks/electro spectrum. There's a sense of continuity, as the first EP's tracks - labelled 1-4, are followed by tracks 5-8, as well as being executed with a proper human touch that not all such machinefunk can boast. '6' is full of spiralling Drexciyan mystery, before being pared down to an LFO-style bass prod. '8' also echoes the former legends of Leeds with its dreamy pads and acid backdrop - something in the local water supply. Definitely funky enough to keep the breaks DJs onside, but with a thorough knowledge of love of 40 years of electronic music heritage at its disposal too, this is one release you should make sure you not miss.




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Bobby O'Donnell & Reeshy –...

69,90 zł