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DJ Seinfeld – Time Spent Away From U

A1: I Hope I Sleep Tonight
A2: I Saw Her Kiss Him In Front Of Me And I Was Like Wtf?
A3: Bring U Back
B1: Too Late For U And M1
B2: Forgiven
C1: Time Spent Away From U
C2: With My Luv
D1: Another Way Back
D2: It's Just My Luv
E1: How U Make Me Feel
E2: U Hold Me Without Touch
F1: Come Thru For U
F2: U
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DJ Seinfeld announces his long-awaited debut album 'Time Spent Away From U' on Lobster Fury. The album follows a year packed with EP releases on Endotherm, Natural Sciences and E-Beamz. "Time Spent Away From U" is an extended post-heartbreak love letter, delivered via the medium of the dance floor. A trip through the spectral shades of modern and vintage house and techno via heaving breaks and stuttering acid. Presented on the special label collaboration of Lobster Theremin & Meda Fury. Channeling personal emotional content and shot through with DJ Seinfeld's inimitable warm, nostalgic production style, the album therapeutically explores the theme of heartbreak through crunchy, raw house (Time Spent Away From U, Come Thru For U), classic 90's and breakbeat rollers (Bring U Back, Too Late For U & M1), hammering acid dance cuts (I Saw Her Kiss Him In Front Of Me And I Was Like Wtf, How U Make Me Feel), lush aquatic deep house (Another Way Back), and Seinfeld-signature emotive club anthems (I Hope I Sleep Tonight, U Hold Me Without Touch, U).This is a true tour-de-force in bumping dance tracks. No album filler, no snippet ambient, just solid, concrete slabbed impassioned bangers from the heart as DJ Seinfeld simply puts it' there's no room for ambiguity on this record'.Time Spent Away From U' is a documentation of a time and a place. Lost in the darkness; an SOS from a silent dance floor; slow-blinking strobes and a gentle unfathomable breeze. Alone but not alone. Onealbum. Oneluv.




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