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Kolter – Breakarama

Pilot PILOT08
A1: Breakarama
A2: Ghost In The Breaks
B1: Get Out James!
B2: Horny Brakdancers
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Well this one is fun. And fun, just about, in a good way, rather than stupid silly un-cool and uncouth fun. Kolter's Breakarama EP kicks off with the title track which makes use of the melodic motif from TV's much loved animation Futurama. It is sure to get some super reactions in the club with its playfulness and charm. 'Ghost In The Breaks' is more serious, with a slick and futuristic feeling breaks vibe then 'Get Out James!' is another laugh that makes use of the iconic riff from James Bond over some sleazy and dark UKG. 'Horny Breakdancers' is an airy, uplifting one to close.




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