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Drexciya – Hydro Doorways

Tresor / TRESOR137X

A1: Quantum Hydrodynamics
A2: Polymono Plexusgel
A3: Lost Vessel
B1: Species Of The Pod
B2: Drifting Into A Time Of No Future
B3: Devil Ray Cove

Cena 56,90 zł

Surgeon – Crash Recoil

Tresor / TRESOR351

A1: Oak Bank
A2: Second Magnitude Stars
B1: Metal Pig
B2: We Laugh And Clap At The Circus
C1: Leadership Contest
C2: Masks & Archetypes
D1: Subcultures
D2: Hope Not Hate

Cena 118,90 zł

Drexciya – Harnessed...

Tresor / Tresor181LPX

A1: Digital Tsunami
A2: Soul Of The Sea
B1: Dr. Blowfins' Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres
B2: Song Of The Green Whale
C1: Lake Haze
C2: Mission To Ociya Syndor And Back
D1: Under Sea Disturbances

Cena 129,90 zł

Jeff Mills ‎– Waveform...

Tresor / TRESOR25

A1: The Extremist
A2: Solid Sleep
B1: Life Cycle
B2: Workers
C1: Wrath Of The Punisher
D1: Condor To Mallorca
D2: Basic Human Design

Cena 119,90 zł

Drexciya – Neptune's Lair

Tresor / TRESOR129LPX

A1: Intro: Temple Of Dos De Aqua
A2: Andreaen Sand Dunes
A3: Running Out Of Space
A4: Universal Element
B1: Habitat 'O' Negative
B2: Funk Release Valve
B3: Organic Hydropoly Spores
B4: Draining Of The Tanks
C1: Surface Terrestrial Colonization
C2: Oxyplasmic Gyration Beam
D1: Triangular Hydrogen Strain
D2: Bottom Feeders
D3: C To The Power Of X + C To The Power Of X = MM = Unknown

Cena 129,90 zł

Surgeon – Balance

Tresor / TRESOR096

A1: Preview
A2: Golden
A3: Circles
B1: The Heath
B2: Pnuma
C1: Set One
C2: Set Two
C3: Box
D1: Dialogue
D2: Dinah's Dream

Cena 118,90 zł

Surgeon –...

Tresor / TRESOR073

A1: Intro
A2: Fast
A3: Krautrock
B1: Movement
B2: 9 Hours Into The Future
C1: Depart
C2: Rotunda
C3: Waiting
D1: Scorn
D2: Return

Cena 118,90 zł

James Ruskin – Point 2

Tresor / TRESOR145

A1: Before The Calling
A2: If
A3: Subject
B1: Detatched
B2: Version
C1: Eight
C2: Connected
D1: From Over The Edge
D2: Coda
D3: If (Loft Mix)

Cena 119,90 zł

Surgeon – Force+Form

Tresor / TRESOR117

A1: Remnants Of What Once Was - The Hollow Man
A2: Remnants Of What Once Was - Ice
B1: Black Jackal Throwbacks
C1: Returning To The Purity Of Current
D1: At The Heart Of It All

Cena 125,90 zł