Fine selected, mainly blue, dnb cutz.

Calibre ‎– Rudy

A1: Stunted
A2: More Fool Me (feat. Cimone)
B1: The Game
B2: Heaven
C1: Tripping Out
C2: Cousin
D1: Treason
D2: Dumb Bum
E1: Flu Jet
E2: No Stopping
F1: Warbling
F2: hard To Believe

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Satl – Gloom

A1: Hard Times
A2: Bapao
B1: Falling
C1: Karma
C2: Standing By (feat. Saígo)
D1: Werk It
D2: Zmiana
E1: Kamikaze
E2: Reality Check
F1: Ride Or Die (feat. Rhi)
F2: Rxde Or Dxe, Pt. 2
F3: Frozen

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I Am Legion – I Am Legion

A1: Intro
A2: Farrda
A3: Make Those Move
A4: Upper Ratio
B1: Jelly Fish
B2: Ice
B3: Blue Shift
B4: Loose On The Leaves
C1: Choosing For You
C2: Warp Speed Thuggin'
C3: Stresses (Part 1)
C4: Stresses (Part 2)
D1: Sunken Submarine
D2: Dust Descends (feat. Strange U)
D3: Powerplay
D4: Foil (feat. D.Ablo)

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