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Leftfield and Outsider House music.

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Earth Trax ‎– LP1
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Earth Trax ‎– LP1

Shall Not Fade SNFLP003
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A1: I'm Not Afraid
A2: Deep Dive
B1: Pandora's Box
B2: Full Throttle
C1: Adhocracy
C2: Fade Away
C3: Denial
D1: Copies Of Copies
D2: Your Fading Other
D3: Mechanisms
Various ‎– Fragments 3
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Various ‎– Fragments 3

Hivern Discs HVNCOMP3/6
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A1: Cleveland - Via Sole
A2: Lost Scripts - Liquid Visions
A3: Lawrence Le Doux - Regina
B1: Sapphire Slows - New You For Others, Same You For Yourself
B2: Simon Haydo - Bending Frameworks
Bufiman ‎– Albumsi
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Bufiman ‎– Albumsi

Dekmantel DKMNTL074
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A1: Galaxy
A2: Sara Sara
A3: Hoolock Rock
B1: Blow Your Head
B2: Pantasi
C1: News From The Treetops
C2: Langsam Aber Slowly
C3: I Think I Got It Under Control Now
C4: Well, Traumhaft
D1: Coolness
D2: Apo-Calypso
D3: Rave The Forest
Grant – Fantasy Blues LP
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Grant – Fantasy Blues LP

Lobster Theremin LT064
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A1: Ephemeral Chase
A2: Mind & Space
B1: Amaranthine Profundity
B2: Finite Elements
C1: Blurred Harmony
C2: Boundless
D1: Invisible Skills
D2: Lucent Eyes
D3: The Road In Front Of Me