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Various ‎– The Future is Fixed
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Various ‎– The Future is Fixed

Tsunami Records TSU050
Cena 95,90 zł
A1: Surgeon - Invisible Enemy
A2: Sabotak - Weakening The Queen
B1: Stanislav Tolkachev - Once A Cheater Always A Cheater
C1: The Rare Breed - Reason Doesn´t Sleep
C2: Steve Bicknell - Deeper Shades Of Grey
D1: James Ruskin - The Lake
D2: Inigo Kennedy - Dust-Point
The Loud Age ‎– The Second...
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The Loud Age ‎– The Second Siren

Persephonic Sirens PS06
Cena 89,90 zł
A1: Sur La Maladie (Pt. 1)
B1: Die Unzeitgemäßen (Sur La Maladie Pt. 2)
B2: Outrage Priorities
C1: A Revelation Of Nothingness (Pt. 1 - Downwards)
C2: Waiting For Ayin
D1: Time Is A Child Playing With Virtues
D2: The Revelation Of Nothingness (Pt. 2 - The Dream)
Various ‎– SEKTION 1
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Various ‎– SEKTION 1

R - Label Group RC1
Cena 149,90 zł
A1: In Verruf - Zerfall
A2: Somewhen - Ruined
A3: DIMI - Interconnected Lines
B1: Clara Cuvé - Control
B2: Wallis - Hard Definitions
C1: Kobosil - Hafiza
C2: New Frames - Staub
D1: Dax J - Scope
D2: Rikhter - Kryptos
E1: Afem Syko - Like Soldiers
E2: Tham - Raw Reverbation
E3: - Tension
F1: In Verruf - Let Out
F2: Parallx - Ehre