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Industrial, Rave and Trance Revival.

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The Loud Age ‎– The Second...
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The Loud Age ‎– The Second Siren

Persephonic Sirens PS06
Cena 89,90 zł
A1: Sur La Maladie (Pt. 1)
B1: Die Unzeitgemäßen (Sur La Maladie Pt. 2)
B2: Outrage Priorities
C1: A Revelation Of Nothingness (Pt. 1 - Downwards)
C2: Waiting For Ayin
D1: Time Is A Child Playing With Virtues
D2: The Revelation Of Nothingness (Pt. 2 - The Dream)
Various ‎– Essential...
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Various ‎– Essential Memories EP Part II

Emerald EMERALD008
Cena 105,90 zł
A1: Remco Beekwilder - No Love Song
A2: Nur Jaber - We Are The Power
A3: 16h07 - Usotsuki
B1: Plaintiffs - Doa
B2: Inhalt Der Nacht - Vollmond Im Kiez
C1: Cadency - I Burn You
C2: Danilo Incorvaia - An Eye For An Eye
D1: Under Black Helmet - Bad Sector
D2: Exos - Give It To Em
D3: Remco Beekwilder & Stranger - Another Life
Marc Acardipane ‎– The Most...
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Marc Acardipane ‎– The Most Famous Unknown...

Planet Phuture PP007-V3
Cena 49,90 zł
A1: Rave Creator aka Marc Acardipane - Atmos-Fear (VTSS Remix)
A2: Rave Creator aka Marc Acardipane - O.K. Bassquake (Kilbourne Remix)
B1: Subtopia aka Marc Acardipane - The Mob Rules (Umwelt Remix)
B2: Trip Commando aka Marc Acardipane - Cross The White Line (Minimum Syndicat Remix)