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Yagya ‎– Old Dreams And...
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Yagya ‎– Old Dreams And Memories

Small Plastic Animals 1SPA
Cena 119,90 zł
A1: For The First Time (はじめてのものに)
A2: Mountain Story (山の物語)
B1: Reminiscent (追憶)
B2: Memories Of Old Dreams (昔の夢と思ひ出を)
B3: Light And Shadow (光と影)
C1: Wandering In The Fog (霧の中で)
C2: Rainbow And Human (虹とひとと)
D1: Beauty In Loneliness (孤独の美)
D2: Overflowing Darkness (溢れひたす闇に)
D3: Travelled Road (ゆくての道)
Christian Löffler ‎– Lys
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Christian Löffler ‎– Lys

Ki Records Ki025
Cena 109,90 zł
A1: Farr
A2: Versailles (Hold)
A3: Weiß
B1: The End (feat. Josephine Philip)
B2: Bergen
B3: Noah
C1: Lys (feat. Menke)
C2: Sun
C3: Ballet (feat. finn.)
D1: Roth (feat. Mohna)
D2: Map
D3: Für Immer
Various ‎– Fragments 3
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Various ‎– Fragments 3

Hivern Discs HVNCOMP3/6
Cena 64,90 zł
A1: Cleveland - Via Sole
A2: Lost Scripts - Liquid Visions
A3: Lawrence Le Doux - Regina
B1: Sapphire Slows - New You For Others, Same You For Yourself
B2: Simon Haydo - Bending Frameworks
Various ‎– Kulør 006
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Various ‎– Kulør 006

Kulør KULOR006
Cena 87,90 zł
A1: Schacke - The End Of Ecstacy
A2: SØS Gunver Ryberg - Shapeshifter
A3: Sofie Birch - Look
A4: gel: - Scented
A5: Astrid Sonne - Swirl
B1: Varnrable - Cold Bright Hard Light
B2: Minais B - To Levende Væsener
B3: Lyra Valenza - Never Rest
B4: X & Yde - Dares Soar
B5: Ibon - Sorgpad
B6: Splash Pattern - Os
Tim Jackiw ‎– Many Moons
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Tim Jackiw ‎– Many Moons

Offworld Records Offworld006
Cena podstawowa 114,90 zł -5% Cena 109,16 zł
A1: Violet Waves
A2: Fantasy
A3: Return To Forever
B1: Night Tones
B2: Love on the Astral Plane
C1: Environment 1
C2: Constellation Jazz
C3: Falling
D1: Elara
D2: Silicon Dream
Bufiman ‎– Albumsi
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Bufiman ‎– Albumsi

Dekmantel DKMNTL074
Cena 89,90 zł
A1: Galaxy
A2: Sara Sara
A3: Hoolock Rock
B1: Blow Your Head
B2: Pantasi
C1: News From The Treetops
C2: Langsam Aber Slowly
C3: I Think I Got It Under Control Now
C4: Well, Traumhaft
D1: Coolness
D2: Apo-Calypso
D3: Rave The Forest
Various ‎– Locus Error
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Various ‎– Locus Error

Trip TRP029
Cena podstawowa 109,90 zł -15% Cena 93,41 zł
A1: Nina Kraviz - Test
A2: Ryan James Ford - Royal Legion
A3: Kyoka - Link
B1: Analemma - Plunging Asymptote
B2: PTU - Black Smokers
B3: Antigone - Dance
C1: Carlota - Locus Error
C2: PTU - (M1n0r) F1ss10n
C3: Analemma - Liminal Crisis
D1: Alan Backdrop - Nizaj
D2: X-Dream - Superintelligence
Juu & G.Jee ‎– New Luk...
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Juu & G.Jee ‎– New Luk Thung / นิวลูกทุ่ง...

EM Records EM1186LP
Cena 99,90 zł
A1: 2ยาม / Time 2 Yam~深夜0時、僕は2回火を付ける
A2: เนียง / かわいいキミ Niang
A3: ราห์เอ๋ยราห์ / ラー・ウーイ・ラー Rah Oei Rah
A4: ชีเรย์ / She Ray~田舎でのんびり
A5: หน้าต่างเพื่อนบ้าน / 隣人 Rinjin
B1: ยำกล่อมทุ่ง / Yum Klom Thung~ハナと僕の道
B2: ส้มตำซามูไร / ソムタム侍 Somtam Samurai
B3: ขอทาง / Give Me The Way
B4: เอเลี่ยนขี่หลังควาย / 水牛に乗るエイリアン Alien On A Water Buffalo
B5: หนึ่งแม่โขง / OMKのテーマ OMK's Theme