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Boards Of Canada ‎– Music...
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Boards Of Canada ‎– Music Has The Right To...

Warp Records WARLP55R
Cena 75,90 zł
A1: Wildlife Analysis
A2: An Eagle In Your Mind
A3: The Color Of The Fire
A4: Telephasic Workshop
A5: Triangles And Rhombuses
B1: Sixtyten
B2: Turquoise Hexagon Sun
B3: Kaini Industries
B4: Bocuma
B5: Roygbiv
C1: Rue The Whirl
C2: Aquarius
C3: Olson
D1: Pete Standing Alone
D2: Smokes Quantity
D3: Open The Light
D4: One Very Important Thought
DeepChord ‎– Auratones
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DeepChord ‎– Auratones

Soma Quality Recordings SOMALP117
Cena 95,90 zł
A1: Fog Hotel
A2: Moving Lights
A3: Wind In Trees
B1: Lagonda
B2: Varanasi
B3: Portofino
C1: Point Reyes
C2: Underwater Galaxies
C3: Azure
D1: Devil Ray
D2: Signals
D3: Roca 9
Suso Saiz ‎– Nothing Is...
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Suso Saiz ‎– Nothing Is Objective

Music From Memory MFM040
Cena 99,90 zł
A1: Meccano
A2: Anti-Stress For Babies And Families
A3: Con Los Ojos
A4: Abrazo MIrando
B1: Mexican Bells (For Jorge Reyes)
B2: Grounded
B3: Minimal Distance
C1: Una Voz
C2: Objective Void
C3: Dulce (With Christian Fennesz)
C4: Healthy Digestion
C5: Scrub Your Ego
C6: Forma Horizonte
D1: Frogs In Love
D2: From Memory
D3: Nothing Ends 2018
Various ‎– Touched...
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Various ‎– Touched Electronix 001

Touched Electronix TE001
Cena 99,90 zł
A1: Exm - Meltt v.v
A2: Buspin Jieber - We Become Silent
A3: Brainwaltzera - Fxmas mod DAISY CHAIN 25o (brkn rotary hesitant snr)
B1: The Future Sound Of London - Dox 2
B2: Karsten Pflum - Fishes And Plantses
B3: Min-Y-Llan - Lot-E M5
C1: Junq - Nebular Structures (Reconstructed)
C2: Peak:Shift - Land Of Flax
D1: Bot1500 - P8.1
D2: Cignol - Solar Drift