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Eli Keszler ‎– Stadium
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Eli Keszler ‎– Stadium

Shelter Press SP099
Cena 119,90 zł
A1: Measurment Doesn't Change The System At All
A2: Lotus Awnings
A3: We Live In Pathetic Temporal Urgency
B1: Flying Floor For US Airways
B2: Simple Act Of Inverting The Episode
B3: Which Swarms Around It
B4: Fifty Four To Madrid
C1: French Lick
C2: Was The Singing Bellowing
C3: The Driver Stops
D1: Fashion Of Echo
D2: Bell Underpinnings
Black Merlin ‎– Kosua
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Black Merlin ‎– Kosua

Island Of The Gods IOTG005
Cena 114,90 zł
A1: Self Heat
A2: Feeling Colour
A3: Seane Falls Womens Kulumba
A4: New Guinea
B1: Cloud
B2: Standing At The Summit Of Bosavi
B3: Fogomay'iu Village
C1: Kundu
C2: Stalking The Canopy
C3: Talisu
C4: Sibi
D1: First Light
D2: Chief Sigalo Balo Dance
D3: Madmen, Missionaries, Prospectors And Weirdos
D4: Big Haus
Sonikku ‎– Diamond Dust
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Sonikku ‎– Diamond Dust

Lobster Sleep Sequence LSS003
Cena podstawowa 59,90 zł -50% Cena 29,95 zł
A1: Earth Temples (Mobbs Version)
A2: Earth Temple (Original Mix)
A3: Sky Garden (Mobbs Version)
B1: Sky Garden (Original Mix)
B2: Diamond Dust (Mobbs Version)
B3: Diamond Dust (Original Mix)

Leon Vynehall ‎– Nothing Is Still

Ninja Tune ZEN249
Cena 85,90 zł
A1: From The Sea/It Looms (Chapters I & II)
A2: Movements (Chapter III)
A3: Birds On The Tarmac (Footnote III)
A4: Julia (Footnote IV)
A5: Drinking It In Again (Chapter IV)
B1: Trouble - Parts I, II, & III (Chapter V)
B2: Envelopes (Chapter VI)
B3: English Oak (Chapter VII)
B4: Ice Cream (Chapter VIII)
B5: It Breaks (Chapter IX)
Shlømo ‎– Mercurial Skin
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Shlømo ‎– Mercurial Skin

Taapion Records TPNLP001
Cena 94,90 zł
A1: Hadal Zone
A2: Mercurial SKin
A3: Maara
B1: Napalm
B2: Ivory
B3: Low Key Love
C1: Suicide Ghost
C2: Maintain The Lie
C3: Jäger Mod
C4: Anastasia
D1: Mouais
D2: Minotia
D3: Brother
D4: Wish You Where Here