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Syny ‎– Sen
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Syny ‎– Sen

Latarnia -
Cena 79,90 zł
A1: Nag Champa
A2: Drive
A3: Synoski Sen
B1: Bluzy Kangury
B2: Deszcz
B3: Kiedyś Byliśmy Królami
B4: Nie Testuj Białasa
C1: Wierse
C2: S.O.S.
C3: Dywan
C4: Z Białasami
D1: Mój Ruch
D2: Medytując Primeshit
HVL – Ostati
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HVL – Ostati

Organic Analogue Records OA008
Cena 99,90 zł
A1: Shesavali
A2: Sallow Myth
A3: დაისი
B1: Under Libra
B2: Askinkila
B3: Sinister Sea
C1: Continuum
C2: აისი
D1: Futuro
D2: When Rivers Flow
Flying Lotus ‎– Flamagra
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Flying Lotus ‎– Flamagra

Warp Records WARPLP291
Cena 109,90 zł
A1: Heroes
A2: Post Requisite
A3: Heroes In A Half Shell
A4: More
A5: Capillaries
A6: Burning Down The House (feat. George Clinton)
A7: Spontaneous (feat. Little Dragon)
B1: Takashi (feat. Ronald Bruner Jr.)
B2: Pilgrim Side Eye
B3: All Spies
B4: Yellow Belly (feat. Tierra Whack)
B5: Black Balloons Reprise (feat. Denzel Curry)
C1: Fire Is Coming (feat. David Lynch)
C2: Inside Your Home
C3: Actually Virtual (feat. Shabazz Palaces)
C4: Andromeda
C5: Remind U
C6: Say Something
C7: Debbie Is Depressed
C8: Find Your Own Way Home
D1: The Climb (feat. Thundercat)
D2: Pygmy
D3: 9 Carots (feat. Toro Y Moi)
D4: FF4
D5: Land Of Honey (feat. Solange)
D6: Thank U Malcolm
D7: Hot Oct.
Boards Of Canada ‎– Music...
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Boards Of Canada ‎– Music Has The Right To...

Warp Records WARLP55R
Cena 75,90 zł
A1: Wildlife Analysis
A2: An Eagle In Your Mind
A3: The Color Of The Fire
A4: Telephasic Workshop
A5: Triangles And Rhombuses
B1: Sixtyten
B2: Turquoise Hexagon Sun
B3: Kaini Industries
B4: Bocuma
B5: Roygbiv
C1: Rue The Whirl
C2: Aquarius
C3: Olson
D1: Pete Standing Alone
D2: Smokes Quantity
D3: Open The Light
D4: One Very Important Thought
Boards Of Canada ‎– Geogaddi
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Boards Of Canada ‎– Geogaddi

Warp Records WARPLP101
Cena 94,90 zł
A1: Ready Let's Go
A2: Music Is Math
A3: Beware The Friendly Stranger
A4: Gyroscope
A5: Dandelion
B1: Sunshine Recorder
B2: In The Annexe
B3: Julie And Candy
B4: The Smallest Weird Number
C1: 1969
C2: Energy Warning
C3: The Beach At Redpoint
C4: Opening The Mouth
D1: Alpha And Omega
D2: I Saw Drones
D3: The Devil Is In The Details
D4: A Is To B As B Is To C
D5: Over The Horizon Radar
E1: Dawn Chorus
E2: Diving Station
E3: You Could Feel The Sky
E4: Corsair
F1: Magic Window
Nathan Micay ‎– Blue Spring
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Nathan Micay ‎– Blue Spring

LuckyMe LM058
Cena 114,90 zł
A1: Romance Dawn For The Cyber World
A2: Join Me Or Die. Can You Do Any Less
A3: Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain
B1: He Has The Key
B2: Blue Spring
B3: 11.11.90 (Beat Version)
C1: Moon Scepter Elimination
C2: LeafCutAngelicDepths
C3: The Party We Could Have
D1: May All Your Bacon Burn
D2: Romance Dawn For The New World
EABS ‎– Slavic Spirits LP
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EABS ‎– Slavic Spirits LP

Astigmatic Records AR009LP
Cena 79,90 zł
A1: Ciemność / The Darkness
A2: Leszy / Woodland Spirit
A3: Południca / The Noon Witch
B1: Ślęża (Mgła) / Ślęża (The Fog)
B2: Ślęża / Ślęża
B3: Przywitanie Słońca (Rytuał) / Sun Worship (The Rite)
B4: Przywitanie Słońca / Sun Worship
DeepChord ‎– Auratones
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DeepChord ‎– Auratones

Soma Quality Recordings SOMALP117
Cena 95,90 zł
A1: Fog Hotel
A2: Moving Lights
A3: Wind In Trees
B1: Lagonda
B2: Varanasi
B3: Portofino
C1: Point Reyes
C2: Underwater Galaxies
C3: Azure
D1: Devil Ray
D2: Signals
D3: Roca 9
Jayda G ‎– Significant Changes
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Jayda G ‎– Significant Changes

Ninja Tune ZEN254
Cena podstawowa 89,90 zł -35% Cena 58,44 zł
A1: Unifying The Center (Abstract)
A2: Renewal (Hyla Mix)
B1: Stanley's Get Down (No Parking On The DF)
B2: Leave Room 2 Breathe (feat. Alexa Dash)
C1: Orca's Reprise
C2: Missy Knows What's Up
D1: Sunshine In The Valley (feat. Alexa Dash)
D2: Move To The Front (Disco Mix)
D3: Conclusion
Laurel Halo ‎– DJ-Kicks
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Laurel Halo ‎– DJ-Kicks

!K7 K7375LP
Cena 95,90 zł
A1: Laurel Halo - Public Art
A2: Parris - Puro Rosacease
A3: Rrose - Cricoid Pressure
B1: Machine Woman - Just Made Jazz Music
B2: FIT Siegel - Penny Rut
B3: Siete Catorce - Canto
C1: Ikonika - Bodied (OG Mix)
C2: Panda Lassow - Lachowa
C3: Nick León - Pelican Dub
D1: Stefan Ringer - Lust
D2: Laurel Halo - Sweetie (DJ-Kicks)
D3: group A - Ketabali
Suso Saiz ‎– Nothing Is...
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Suso Saiz ‎– Nothing Is Objective

Music From Memory MFM040
Cena 99,90 zł
A1: Meccano
A2: Anti-Stress For Babies And Families
A3: Con Los Ojos
A4: Abrazo MIrando
B1: Mexican Bells (For Jorge Reyes)
B2: Grounded
B3: Minimal Distance
C1: Una Voz
C2: Objective Void
C3: Dulce (With Christian Fennesz)
C4: Healthy Digestion
C5: Scrub Your Ego
C6: Forma Horizonte
D1: Frogs In Love
D2: From Memory
D3: Nothing Ends 2018
Bonobo ‎– Days To Come
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Bonobo ‎– Days To Come

Ninja Tune ZEN119
Cena 84,90 zł
A1: Intro
A2: Days To Come
A3: Between The Lines
A4: The Fever
B1: Transmission 94 (Parts 1 & 2)
B2: On Your Marks
B3: Hatoa
C1: Recurring
C2: Nightlite
D1: If YOu Stayed Over
D2: Walk In The Sky
D3: Ketto